Sound Equipment

2 x Technics 1200 Turntables

2 x Technics 1210 Turntables

Denon DN-S3500 Desktop CD Players

Denon DN-D9000 twin CD and Samplers

Denon DN-X400 Digital Mixer

Pioneer DJM 3000 Digital Mixer (Industry Standard Professional Mixer)

Vestax Mixer

Peavey 20USB Multi Input - Line/Mic/Stereo - (PA/Band/Live Mixer)

4 x PC based DJ Systems

Shure Microphones (Radio and Wired)

Mackie SRM450 Active Full Range Speakers

Mackie SWA1801 Active Bass Speakers

24-way 30 metre multi-core XLR stage box



Lighting Equipment

Imove 7s Lighting (custom gobos on request) DMX or sound/light

IColour3 Colour Wash Lighting DMX or sound/light

ISolution DMX Controllers

Abstract Twister 4s DMX or sound/light

LED Colour Washes (Very High Power) DMX or sound/light

Mirror Balls

Ultra Violet Tubes and Lamps

Multi Coloured Rope Lights and Effects

Three Colour Laser 230mW, fantastic tunnels, flat beams etc DMX or sound/light

Green Laser 40mW DMX control and sound/light

Smoke Machine - high power/volume

Smoke Machine - Low power, suitable for small venues

Haze Machine suitable for smoke sensitive venues

Infocus LP650 Projector - very high power multi input unit